Truth, truth, truth, everyone wants it but no one knows what it is or where to find it. You once believed that you had found it. You believed that you knew the truth, or at least enough of it to sustain you for a lifetime. At least that’s what you wanted to believe. Now you realize that perhaps you were misguided and misinformed and truth is a bit more elusive than would be ideal, in your opinion. There is no bow wrapped around this package. In fact, there is no package at all. There are no neat corners and no firm foundations. There is no way to reconcile yourself to this truth. All there is to guide your search is a star, a light out in the distance that seems to draw your attention. It’s Christ. It’s Yahweh. He’s not speaking each word into your head. He subtly puts a hunch in your gut because the point…. the point isn’t to find this absolute truth that you want or an absolute God you think you need. The point is to find God and truth in a way you can identify with. And the truth is there. You won’t find it like I found it or like your friends found it. Actually, it won’t even look the same. Not because it’s a different truth, but because you will find and see God differently than anyone else. And as you learn to look deeper inside your soul, you will see truth grow and you won’t believe the same things because you will learn to embrace the mystery. You will learn to embrace mysticism. It will become more clear that what you think you believe in your mind is not what you actually believe deep down inside. There is truth in you that you don’t believe or can’t believe because you’re not ready for it. Your mind denies it and tells you it’s not true but eventually you will believe it and you’ll see that you’ve believed it for a long time, but couldn’t accept it. Maybe because of what you were told was true, or because of what they might think of you. Maybe you believe that God doesn’t change, that He’s always the same. What if that is only half right? What if God is always the same God and he does change? Everything in our universe is always changing. Everything must change. Everything does change. God changes and yet God is the same. Even if you begin to doubt His physical existence and reduce him to a figment of your imagination, the idea of God will still dominate how you contact the world around you.  If you awake to the truth that is already inside you that you already believe at some level, but perhaps don’t know it, you will awake to a more holistic truth.

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