Christian Heretic

All our lives, as Christians, we are brought up believing certain things about God, about church, and about religion. It seems that no matter how far we might stray from our roots, we never really let go of them. And usually, we find ourselves coming back to them. These beliefs form a part of our worldview which controls our demeanor and therefore our responses to every situation we encounter, day by day. So you can imagine the imploding catastrophe, when you come to the realization that most of the things you hold to be true could potentially just be creations of your own religious self-righteousness, morphed over time out of an early definition of Christianity. Perhaps worse, is that when you come to that realization, you automatically become the minority in a culture which, historically, has focused more on eradicating that minority then they have focused on redeeming the provocative world they try to inhibit. You become the one thing that you are bred to despise most, a Christian Heretic.


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